Clarity before Commitment


Commitment is one of the most crucial elements that you can have in any team. Without it, how are you going to get something done?

What do you do if the commitment of your team members is lacking? They’re not at the level that you want them to be — do you question their commitment? Do you have a difficult conversation with them? How do you broach that conversation?

I want to share with you an idea that most leaders get wrong around commitment. Before you get commitment from your team members, you need to provide clarity. Imagine asking someone to push the accelerator to the floor in a car with the windscreen blacked out… that would be crazy, right? I think asking someone to fully commit to something without them being clear on the goal and what their responsibilities are, is the same.

Before you question anyone’s commitment, look at clarity.

One of the key ingredients that I suggest is having what’s called a clarity conversation. In the workshops that I run on team leadership, I help people on how they can have a clarity conversation.

The structure of a clarity conversation is based around two ideas:

1. Goals – Direction of their activity
2. Role – Structure of their responsibilities

Every quarter, you should have a conversation even for half an hour, on clarifying the goal and role of the key members of your team.

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