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I was running a presentation skills training recently, and I had a question asked of me: “Colin, how do I deliver a message that has been given to me from the director or the CEO? How do I do deliver this message with ownership and authenticity?” 

Have you ever had to deliver a message that wasn’t your own? Maybe you’re given a PowerPoint or a script to follow. It feels like it’s not yours, right? What are the keys to owning your message, having a level of certainty and focus in terms of delivering your message, making it more authentic?

Here are 2 keys to owning your message:

1. Insert your own stories. Share some relevant stories that are appropriate for the context of what you’re talking about. It can be a a conversation you had in the office, simple stories to bring your point home. Step into the skin of the message by inserting your own stories. Put some of your own DNA in it.

2. Make it contextually relevant. Don’t just share it in corporate lingo; communicate it in the way that your leaders and individual contributors need to hear it. What does it mean for them?

The key to being influential in your communication is to own your message. You can do that by inserting your stories and making the message contextually relevant for your audience.

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Colin Boyd


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  • Nichole Kramer
    Posted at 03:11h, 26 March Reply

    Owning the message is a struggle for a vast number of leaders-
    Exhibit A:
    “The “boss” wants me to tell you that….”

    Well, then why doesn’t the BOSS tell me then? Why do HE make you do HIS bidding?

    Too many leaders undervalue themselves and point out just how much of a middle man there really are by NOT owning the message. Instead, they should take the time to understand the message, reflect on their own thoughts about the message, to your point, insert a story- therefore, MAKING IT YOUR OWN. Will build respect for not only the messenger, but also for the message!

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