4 Top Coaching Questions

585510_mI’ve been working with a lot of organisations recently, on helping managers coach their staff. The reason why it’s important to coach your staff is because if you are always telling them what to do, ultimately you are putting yourself at the center of their world. Through coaching your staff effectively, you are teaching your staff how to think. This means you will have less questions and interruptions during the day, and the result of that will be that you can actually focus on your own work (Wouldn’t that be nice? :).

Here are 4 big questions you can ask your staff in any coaching conversation. They work sequentially; simply ask them one at a time.

1. How is this a problem for you? (Not how is it a problem for everyone else in their team or their other colleagues–how is it a problem for them personally?)

2. How would you like it to be? (Get them to describe the situation on how they would like to see it.)

3. What are at least 3 options you have in this situation? (Brainstorm the options.)

4. What are you committing to do? (Focus on their key commitments and get them to make a decision.)

As always, I hope this is super practical advice for you becoming a better leader and manager.



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