Business Relationship Formula


You’re about to learn one of the most important ingredients for building successful professional relationships.

Tom Peters, an amazing consultant and leading thinker in the area of business, says that relationships in business are everything. And he means everything. When you think about it, relationships are sometimes the difference between whether you get the job or promotion. The quality of your relationships matter.

The key to building a successful relationship is making sure that you are a significance giver, not a significance getter. A significance giver is someone who elevates the status of someone else, rather than pulling it down.

One of my friends recently told me a story about how he had a conversation with someone at a party, and this guy was sharing how great he was, how many properties he owns, how many businesses he has and so forth. Almost unconsciously, he was putting my friend down. What my friend said to him was, “Hey mate, are you in a relationship?” The guy was a bit taken aback and said, “No, I’m not.” And my friend said, “I’ll tell you why!” The reason why, is he pulls everyone down. I don’t know about you, but for me, I don’t want to hang out with people with whom, when I walk away from them, I feel less of myself.

The key to building a successful relationship is to elevate the status of the other person. Significance is crucial to the human being, our essence, to the DNA of who we are. Make sure that when you’re building relationships, you’re giving compliments instead of asking for them, that you’re increasing your curiosity rather than just talking about yourself all the time.

Continue being a significance giver and build outstanding, successful relationships professionally and personally.

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