3 Steps to Constructive Feedback

One of the most difficult parts about managing people is giving people constructive or negative feedback. In this video, I want to share with you how you can take away the discomfort for you and the lack of clarity for them. So they’ll walk away with a clear idea about what you want of them […]

How to Get Staff Responding Again

Do you have some staff members who are not responding to you the way that they used to? I want to share with you one of the main reasons why this occurs and what to do about it. What I’ve discovered from working with people for a long time now in the area of Behavioural […]

3 Powerful Reframes

I want to share with you three of my favorite techniques that I’ve taught my clients for turning a negative experience into a positive. Just recently, my organisation ran a significant Resilience Program. We’ve taken over 350 leaders through this program. So I wanted to share with you some teaching highlights. Resilience is about understanding […]

The 5 Levels of Focus when Presenting

I want to share with you the five levels that I think people focus on and the feelings they experience from those levels when public speaking. In fact, these five levels, I’ve found, are the difference between communicating persuasively and confidently — or fearfully.   Here are the five Levels of Focus: 1. Self — […]

3 Keys to Hiring the Right Person

  Today’s conversation is about hiring the right people, making sure that you get the right person on your team because if you make a bad decision there, it can have a dramatic effect on your team and your business. Let’s have a conversation about what I call ‘The Triangle of Hiring.’ I believe this […]

Command Attention Onstage

  I want to share with you an idea that from a lot of research is suggested as the difference between whether you’re believable or not, whether you come across with a sense of certainty or uncertainty. I shared this idea with a woman I was doing coaching with, and I noticed that she was […]

Verbal Fluency

I want to have a conversation with you about how you can create what I call ‘verbal fluency.’ Have you ever got up in front of a group to do a presentation and it didn’t come out as clear as it was in your head? You wrote it all down, you thought it was clear, […]

How to Calm Your Nerves When Presenting

I want to share with you 3 big ideas that have been helpful for me and a lot of my clients in calming their nerves when speaking in public. I don’t know about you, but coming into a presentation, I still get a little bit nervous. And most people I speak with when I run […]

Connect with Your Audience

Twenty-first century presenting is very different to how it used to be in the past. What I want to share with you right now is how you can connect with your audience. Personally, I don’t think people come just to hear information — they come to be engaged. Let’s have a conversation about how you […]

Speak with Confidence

Today’s tip is about how to access confidence in your next presentation. I’ve been training people in presentation skills for around a decade now, and what I’ve noticed is that a lot of people lack confidence when it comes to speaking in public. It was about five years ago that I got my first little […]