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5 Big Presentation Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

A presentation is a high-stakes situation. It is a circumstance that when navigated well can lead...

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How to be an Inspirational Leader

I believe you’re always leading and influencing on some level. If you’re in a leadership position,...

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Five Hot Tips for Presentation

A presentation is a high stakes situation. Have you ever stood before an audience and felt...

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The Dynamic Leadership Quadrant

Today’s short training is about your leadership becoming even-more dynamic. It’s about how you can improve...

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The 3 Deadly Presentation Mistakes

Today I want to have a conversation with you about the 3 deadly presentation mistakes. If...

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How to Ask a Good Quality Question

I think all great leaders are exceptional at asking good quality questions. I’m going to show...

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The Autonomy Equation: The #1 Motivating Factor For People

  Today I want to show you the #1 motivating factor for people in your teams....

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The Influence Formula – Feature Article

Your ability to influence others is crucial to the success of your career.  All of the successful...

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The 3 Crucial Needs of a New Employee

Recently, I had one of my clients ask me in a workshop that I was running...

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The Structure of an Influential Conversation

Many of my clients ask me: “Colin, how do I get more influence with my employees,...

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