5 Big Presentation Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

A presentation is a high-stakes situation. It is a circumstance that when navigated well can lead to incredible results, but it’s also true that if delivered poorly can have a negative impact on your reputation. In the short training I’ll unpack five of the biggest presentation mistakes I’ve seen people make and how to avoid […]

How to be an Inspirational Leader

I believe you’re always leading and influencing on some level. If you’re in a leadership position, you must understand how to communicate in a way that doesn’t just get people to comply, but gets them to engage. In this short video, I’m going to share with you language secrets that will unlock the potential of […]

Five Hot Tips for Presentation

A presentation is a high stakes situation. Have you ever stood before an audience and felt incredibly vulnerable? You may have felt like your reputation was on show. A presentation is a place where you can pretty much make or break your reputation. So I want to share with you 5 hot tips that I […]

The Dynamic Leadership Quadrant

Today’s short training is about your leadership becoming even-more dynamic. It’s about how you can improve your leadership, and as a result take your team and business to the next level. I know for me, I’ve worked with many types of leaders. Some of them were great, some of them…ummm, not so much. How you […]

The 3 Deadly Presentation Mistakes

Today I want to have a conversation with you about the 3 deadly presentation mistakes. If you are making any of these mistakes… you’re going to find yourself disconnecting from your audience, you’re going to bore your audience, and you’re going to leave them with a bad taste in their mouth. I see a lot […]

How to Ask a Good Quality Question

  I think all great leaders are exceptional at asking good quality questions. I’m going to show you the secret to asking a good quality question… The other day, I was running a Coaching Skills for Managers workshop. I was teaching them how to be coaches as a leader. One of the skills of a […]

The Autonomy Equation: The #1 Motivating Factor For People

Today I want to show you the #1 motivating factor for people in your teams. It will help you get your team engaged and re-inspired. Just the other day, I was running a leadership workshop for a large organisation, and we were talking how to engage employees more effectively. In fact, there are five big […]

The Influence Formula – Feature Article

Your ability to influence others is crucial to the success of your career.  All of the successful professionals I’ve worked with have consciously developed the way in which they communicate and persuade others. Although some personality styles tend to be more persuasive than others, there are specific proven methods for being more influential.  I want to […]

The 3 Crucial Needs of a New Employee

Recently, I had one of my clients ask me in a workshop that I was running around Emotional Intelligence: “Colin, what’s most important when someone starts new in the organisation? What are the most important needs that you need to consider to make sure that they onboard smoothly?” What I want to share with you […]

The Structure of an Influential Conversation

Many of my clients ask me: “Colin, how do I get more influence with my employees, my co-workers, my boss?” Today’s big topic is influence. How you develop influence in a conversation with someone without coming across pushy, so that you get them on side, build rapport, and share some ideas they’ll be more open […]