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The Influence Formula – Feature Article

Your ability to influence others is crucial to the success of your career.  All of the successful professionals I’ve worked with have consciously developed the way in which they communicate and persuade others.

Although some personality styles tend to be more persuasive than others, there are specific proven methods for being more influential.  I want to show you one right now.

Recently I was featured in the Proctor [October Issue] by the Queensland Law Society speaking on the topic of influence.

It’s a short article, but practical in nature.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • The influence formula (the 3 steps to becoming persuasive in a conversation at work)
  • The #1 biggest mistake people make when they try to be more influential  – it will repel others if you make this mistake
  • The simple, yet usually overlooked strategy, that will set you up as an influencer in a conversation

To read the short article CLICK HERE

Or Click the Image below:

Influence Formula_ Colin boyd


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