The 5 Levels of Focus when Presenting


I want to share with you the five levels that I think people focus on and the feelings they experience from those levels when public speaking. In fact, these five levels, I’ve found, are the difference between communicating persuasively and confidently — or fearfully.


Venn PWCHere are the five Levels of Focus:

1. Self — You get all caught up in yourself. You’ll ask yourself the questions: What will people think of me? Will I be good enough? And so forth. When you get focused on yourself, the feeling you’ll experience will be fear.

2. Intuition — This is when you just trust your gut instinct. You’ll say, “I’ll just trust myself when I get up there. Whatever comes out will be fine.” As a result of this focus, you’ll feel confusion (for yourself and the audience).

3. Structure — This level is where everything starts to change. This is where you start to focus on structure. You understand how your speech is structured and how to communicate your ideas persuasively and elegantly. When you have structure, what you access is clarity (for yourself and the audience).

4. Them — Your focus moves off of yourself and you make it about the audience and their world. You’ll ask: “How is it going to impact them?” I think when you’re focusing on them, you’ll feel confidence.

5. Purposeful Conversation — This is where you focus on purpose and meaning. It becomes a conversation, an exchange—rather than just a presentation that you’re doing with a PowerPoint. And that gives you a sense of conviction about your message and a sense of collaboration with the people. I think that is the top level that you need to aim for.

I just shared with you the five levels of focus that you can have in your presentation, where you move from fear to absolute conviction, and you move from focusing on yourself to having a purposeful conversation.

Today’s tip is small part of my Present with Confidence course that I run in organisations all over the world.

Question: Which level do you tend to spend most time in? Please share this in the comments below.


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