The Influence Formula – Feature Article

Your ability to influence others is crucial to the success of your career.  All of the successful professionals I’ve worked with have consciously developed the way in which they communicate and persuade others. Although some personality styles tend to be more persuasive than others, there are specific proven methods for being more influential.  I want to […]

Emotional Insight: The 3 Crucial Decisions in Every Emotion

The area of emotional intelligence can be a really mystical area for people. I know, for many of us, we’re taught, obviously, how to read when we’re young. But very few of us were taught how to read our emotions. What they actually mean and how to acknowledge our emotions. You’re about to discover the […]

Seasonal Clarity – How to Make Every Season Effective

Life is seasonal. Understanding what season you are in can be so important to how you engage in your life professionally and personally. Just recently I ran a large Resilience program and we talked about the idea of ‘understanding what season you are in’. I want to share with you how you can understand what […]

How to Make 2014 Rock… Hard

What I’ve noticed from talking with many managers recently is that they’re very busy, and making the transition from 2013 into 2014 is just that — a transition, rather than a commitment. I think many managers miss the opportunity in this time frame to make 2014 their best year yet. The problem is that if […]

How to Be Authentic Onstage

What people want more from you ‘on stage’ is YOU. People want authenticity. They don’t want a façade. I just had a conversation with a director who was speaking at a conference I was emceeing and he talked about how he got so nervous because he felt like he needed to get things ‘perfect.’ After a […]

The 3 Biggest Mistakes That Destroy Career Advancement

If you’ve been working in a career for 15 years and the joy has gone out of it, and you feel like you’re running out of time to go after what you truly want — this article will make you change gears. I’ve noticed three major mistakes that keep people from truly having a sense […]

Popcorn Promotion: How to jump up the career ladder fast

Wouldn’t it be amazing if getting ahead in your career were as easy as cooking instant popcorn?  You buy the pack, read the 3-step system, then implement the easy system, and ping! You’ve got warm, toasty, delicious popcorn. The truth is that doing well in your career takes a great deal of work (gulp). However, have […]