The 3 Biggest Presentation Mistakes (That Will Put Off Your Audience Instantly)

I’ve been presenting for over a decade now, and I’ve seen outstanding presentations and devastating ones.

I believe being able to present effectively in pubic is one of the most powerful skills that you, as a leader, can have. It is one of those skills that make you stand out for either a positive or negative reason. Your ability to master this skill will enable you to increase your professional influence and leadership in the workplace.

There are three big mistakes that I notice people make that I want you to be aware of so you don’t make them yourself:

1. Unpracticed. Being unpracticed means that you have potentially written your content and you have worked through your ideas; however, you have not practiced it verbally or spoken it out loud. What I’ve noticed is that when people get up in front of a crowd and they are unpracticed, the words that come out of their mouth are very different from the words that are in their head. Have you ever stood in front of a group and felt like you thought your were clearing your head but when you spoke, the words that came out were a muddled mess?

2. Overloaded. So often, I’ve noticed presentations have too much information and deliver information overload. Instead of giving someone a light, delicate, well-designed lunch, they give them a Christmas dinner and wonder why the people walk away feeling slow, lethargic and tired. Giving out too much information is a huge mistake because it overloads people and makes them feel like they want to leave rather than want more. Have you been overloading your presentations with too much information?

3.Ill-designed. There are specific learning styles for different types of people. You must design your presentation in such a way that it encapsulates and leans towards the various types of learning styles. Having a presentation that is ill-designed means that there will be a significant group of your audience that will not understand, perceive or walk away with a clear understanding of your message. Are you following a clear, proven structure for design?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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