How to Make 2014 Rock… Hard

What I’ve noticed from talking with many managers recently is that they’re very busy, and making the transition from 2013 into 2014 is just that — a transition, rather than a commitment.

I think many managers miss the opportunity in this time frame to make 2014 their best year yet. The problem is that if you don’t recommit to your next year, you will simply get similar or even worse results than you got this year.

The opportunity here is to get clear on how you want your next year to be different. It literally could be the best year of your life.

I think there are four stages to making your next year your best year yet.

Yearly Planning Model.001

1. Appreciate.
It’s important to sit down and appreciate the best moments you experienced in your year. The question to ask yourself is: “What have I achieved personally and professionally this year, and how do these make me feel?” Write down three personal and professional achievements or magic moments you’ve experienced.

2. Learn.
As Jim Rohn says, “Don’t just get through the day; take from the day.” Many of us have experienced big challenges in 2013 and it’s important to take learnings from those challenges. Ask yourself “What’s the biggest learning you gained from the challenges you moved through?”

3. Adjust.
This is kind of like changing the direction of your focus, making sure that you take your learnings and implement them into your next year. Ask yourself the question: “How would you like your life/leadership to be different in 2014?”

4. Commit.
This is where you write down your key goals for your next year. Write down the answers to these questions: What are the three goals you want to achieve in 2014? What would it give you if you achieved these goals?

Use these four stages to acknowledge your achievements this year, learn from what you’ve gone through then apply into your next year with a renewed sense of vision and passion… to make 2014 your best year yet.

MODEL (Explanation): As the model I created suggests, if you do these 4 things on a LOW level, next year “might suck.” If you do them at a MEDIUM level, next year “will be ok,” but if you do them at a HIGH level, it could mean “2014 rocks”… fully. 🙂

Spend 20 minutes to do these four questions on a piece of paper and it could be the difference between 2014 rocking or sucking. (I used this process yesterday and it was very energising.)


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