Your audience buys this… not your course.

Your Audience Buys This… Not Your Course.

Most coaches struggle to sell their courses because they misunderstand what they are actually selling.

The truth is that when someone buys your course, they are buying something more subtle.

It’s an invisible factor that gets someone to click that ‘enroll now’ button.

Simply put, people buy certainty.

Not your course.

But most people don’t know how to develop a strong sense of certainty in their offers.

There are 3 levels of certainty that you need to have in your offer in order to get people on board.

  1. Personal Certainty – You have to have personally had the transformation that you are selling. If your audience knows that you’ve gone through and overcome what they are going through, then personal certainty will be established.
  2. Process Certainty – You have to have absolute clarity on the process that you take people through. Your audience needs to clearly see how they’ll get the desired outcome that your offer promises.
  3. Proof Certainty – You have to have enough proof that your process works for other people and not just you. Testimonials and case studies are great ways to create proof certainty.

Get these elements in your offer and watch your programs fill up.

In fact, I recently put together a 9 step formula for creating what I call a “Bulletproof Offer”.

It shows you how to build a crazy profitable offer in under 48 hours.

You can check out the Bullet Proof Offer here

Let me know how it works out for you!


Now onto the Expert Edge Podcast this week…

Episode 137 | How To Tell Your Conversion Story

There’s a big mistake I notice most experts make when they tell their story. That being, they tell their origin story instead of their conversion story. Now this is great if you’re telling your story to your mom, but frankly your audience doesn’t care about your origin story. In this episode, I break down the difference between an origin story and a conversion story. I also go over the 3 questions that your story needs to answer in order to make it a ‘conversion story’ as well as the 3 mistakes that you must avoid when telling your story. This is the most important part of any presentation. Make sure you give this episode a listen!

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P.S. If you haven’t checked out my new Conversion Story Formula you need to. It’s my new simple formula for finding, creating and sharing your signature story. It will help you create a story that both connects with your audience and converts them into your programs. The best part is that it’s the price of a few tacos. Insane.

>>>Check out the Conversion Story Formula™ here



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