You need This First to Reach Your Goals

“Thoughts become things.”

I’m sure you’ve heard a variation of this quote numerous times.

But in my experience it is the clarity of the vision you create that determines how fast it becomes a reality.

Or if it becomes a reality at all.

The key is to first create a clear vision of what you want.

The more specific, the better.

Once that vision is clear, you need to take consistent steps that move you towards that vision.

Even if it’s one baby step a day… eventually they will take root and snowball.

This concept among many others was discussed on this week’s episode of The Expert Edge with my world renown guest and transformation expert Mary Morrissey. 

We dove super deep on some powerful transformational ideas and concepts.

I’ll share a couple with you here.

1. Shift from condition based thinking to brave driven thinking

Most of the time people use condition based thinking when making decisions in their life. They allow the current circumstances to determine how possible an outcome might be. An example of this would be if the economy was down you might temper your goals by saying “we want to add 20% to our bottom line this year”

Instead, if you want to reach your goals you should use what Mary calls brave thinking and create a crystal clear vision of what you want, WITHOUT any circumstances in play.

You can figure this out by asking yourself questions like “what would I love in my health, my business, my relationships, etc…” And then create a vision around the answers to those questions.

2. Invest in the right mentor based on these 3 criteria

If you really want to transform, it’s critical to find a mentor that is where you want to be. Because you can’t grow beyond your own thinking of where you are right now. So how do you know if someone is the right mentor for you? These 3 criteria will help.

  1. Do they know how the results you want occur?
  2. Do they have a long track record of success?
  3. Do they give you an authentic feeling of genuinely caring about your results?

Those are just a few of the gems that we touched on during this episode.

To get a whole bunch more, tune in!

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Colin ‘Clear Vision’ Boyd

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