Why Smaller Goals Might Equal More Success

What if I told you, the secret to success might be…

To set smaller goals.

Wait! Wait! Here me out!

I’m sure you just looked at this a bit side-eyed…

As did I when I heard Robin Long, Wellness & Pilates Expert share it on this week’s episode of the Expert Edge Podcast.

But the context here is important…

It’s around the idea that if you want health success – which is vital to business success, sometimes it’s best to pull your goals back a little bit at first…

Because wellness goals can be the trickiest goals of them all.

And when you’re a business owner with a lot going on, your self-care and wellness routine needs to be prioritized…

But in order to do that, it has to be very realistic & doable…

Hence the starting with smaller goals idea above.

My experience has been that when my health improves so does my income. I believe they are one system. The more your energy, clarity and well-being improve the more you attract opportunity and success into your life and business.

This is exactly why I wanted to interview Robin on the podcast.

Plus, she runs the biggest online Pilates membership in the world. She literally has tens of thousands of members in 100 countries. I drew out some incredible lessons both from her health teaching and her actual business journey on the podcast.

Now Robin, goes way deeper into this as well as a whole slew of other helpful wellness ideas and strategies on this week’s episode… 

Here’s a sneak peak of 2 of them:

1. Grace Over Guilt

We’ve all been there before, where we start a new workout or intention in our life and everything is going great for a bit. And then all of a sudden, life gets in the way and we fall off track for a couple of days or maybe weeks and we beat ourselves up about it and possibly quit. The idea of grace over guilt here is to acknowledge that you fell off track, but instead of beating yourself up over it, simply give yourself some grace and set the intention to start where you left off today or tomorrow.

2. Let Go Of The All Or Nothing Mentality

A lot of people start wellness (or business) goals with this grand vision of exactly how it’s supposed to go. They’ll have the idea that “I need to workout for 1 hour a day” or “I need to eat this exact diet”. And as soon as that doesn’t happen, the shame and guilt comes into play. Possibly leading to quitting. Instead, set a smaller goal at first. Maybe a 10-15 minute wellness routine. And grow from there. And if you slip up, no worries. Start again the next day – remember grace over guilt.

Those are just a couple of the many strategies and ideas covered in this episode.

Tune into this week’s episode of the Expert Edge to discover how to make sure your wellness routine and business success are working hand in hand.

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Colin ‘Wellness Goals’ Boyd

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