Why Pinterest is The New Google

Getting free traffic to your opt-ins and content can be super hard these days.

So many of the social media platforms make you feel like your ‘post’ only lasts for 20 mins in the feed and then enter the social media graveyard (never to be seen again!).

Well, the good thing is that there is one platform that actually is still untapped.

And in fact it can create CRAZY growth and traffic, without spending a dime on ads.

And that’s Pinterest.

Now, I need to be honest, before I had this insightful conversation with Pinterest expert “Rachel Ngom” (which I’ll share with you in a second) I didn’t really understand it.

When you think of Pinterest there are a few different things that might enter your brain:

1. Workout Inspiration pictures
2. Delicious recipes of baked goods
3. Pictures with ‘copy hooks’ (THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT!!)

That last one is the KEY to transforming any cold prospect into a new raving fan.

Unlike other platforms, Pinterest is solely based on visual content that allows your audience to get a better sense of you and is based on ‘search terms’ not just likes.

On the Expert Edge Podcast this week, Pinterest expert, Rachel Ngom and I dive deep into actionable steps to fully engage your target audience using the platform.

In the episode you’ll discover:

→Quick and easy tips to getting your target customer on your email list [minus the headaches of other more complex social platforms]

The exact steps to utilize Pinterest as a powerful search engine…so that your perfect prospects find you and engage with your content.

→The practical application of “niching down” in your marketing and the steps needed to specialize for your target audience [without the hassle of starting over]

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Colin “Pinterest Prospect” Boyd

P.S. I learned SO much from Rachel that I bought her course. And if you also want to take advantage of this untapped, FREE high traffic source then you can check out here step-by-step process here:



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