What to do in a crisis

I remember the day my wife Sarah handed in her final paper to complete her Masters in psychology, and it was that same day that she found out she had cancer.

I remember the day my key client that represented almost 70% of my income called me to say all the training that was scheduled needed to be canceled due to an industry shutdown.

There are other countless incidents and challenges that have occurred in my life that sent me into somewhat of an emotional tailspin.

But when I look back on all of those moments, it was in those crises that opportunity was found.

When my wife discovered she had cancer, although the process was incredibly painful and challenging for her and myself, it made us question what was most important in our lives. It showed us that we had the resilience to get through whatever life threw at us.

When my client told me his training contract was canceled and I lost a significant amount of income it forced me to re-think my business model and create an online business that complimented my off-line delivery.

It was that major client dropping their contract with me that forced me to create my first digital product.

Just the other day I checked inside my Kajabi portal and realize that since moving to the USA only 2.5 years ago I’d sold over 3,000 paid products.

That never would have been a reality if my major client didn’t fall through!

As we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, I’m sure you feel emotionally a little unstable, if not a lot.

I want to remind you that your thoughts drive your feelings.

It is challenging experiences that are usually the times when you come up with your greatest products and inspirational ideas.

Stop focusing on everything that’s going wrong and start asking some of these questions.

  1. How is this situation encouraging me to create a more dynamic business model?
  2. What’s the opportunity in this crisis for me and serving others on a deeper level?
  3. What’s the good, in the bad?

I love these questions as they help you to think different thoughts and therefore you feel different feelings which then enable you to make better choices.

You have an opportunity in this time of challenge to evolve and become the next version of yourself.

I want you to know I’m here to support you and each week you’ll get something useful from me.

Bless ya,

Colin “You’ve Got This” Boyd

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