What They Won’t Tell You About Storytelling

Once Upon a Time…

This is the beginning sentence that I start with every night as I sit down next to my 5-year-old daughter’s bed as I tell her a story.

It’s crazy to watch her little energetic body start to calm down, relax and just listen to the story.

The funny thing is, that as adults when we hear a story we become child-like also.

We become more open, curious, and calm.

And here’s why this is important for you running an expert business…

“Your stories are the difference between the audience listening or really hearing you.”

It’s the difference between them coming up with ‘a lot of objections’ or ‘leaning into your content’ and getting ready to join your offer.

On The Expert Edge Podcast this week, I’m revealing the 3 easy ways you can take your storytelling skills from ‘blah’… to ‘BAM!!!’

—>>> Listen to How To Tell Captivating Stories That Engage Your Audience” on the Expert Edge Podcast

This week’s episode is really practical. You’ll discover:

  • How to use ‘human senses’ to 3x the impact your storytelling has on your audience… and the two senses you should avoid!
  • How to choose the ‘right story’ to share so that you avoid embarrassing yourself and distracting your audience from your message
  • The #1 secret ingredient that makes a story truly powerful – honestly if you miss this one ingredient all of your stories will fail
  • You’ll walk away from this podcast with some really practical strategies to use right away

If you want to improve your storytelling on your webinars, Facebook lives, or any virtual speaking engagement then you will love this episode.

—>>> Listen to How To Tell Captivating Stories That Engage Your Audience” on the Expert Edge Podcast

Colin “Tell Your Story” Boyd

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