Unlocking The True Potential Of Your Brain w/ Dr. Shannon Irvine

When I first started coaching I had a belief that “coaching was scary.”

The first experience I ever had delivering a coaching session my client literally swore her head off at me and became incredibly angry.

Not only was it surprising but it was also kinda traumatising.

The meaning I took from this was that I was ‘obviously not a good coach.’

(note: this was literally the first coaching session I ever did and she was a student also studying coaching…but any-who!!)

That experience led me to be fearful of every coaching session I delivered.

It wasn’t until a few hundred coaching sessions later that I realized this prior experience was actually not about me being a bad coach, it was about the questions eliciting an emotional response in her.

I realised that even though the response was not ​​positive, I sure knew how to ask questions that moved people.

From that moment I created a new belief which was…

“I Am A Transformational Coach”

Thousands of coaching hours later and I can hand on heart say that I am a transformational coach, but it all started with me establishing this new belief system.

And even being featured in Forbes as one of the top coaches in the marketplace right now.

This experience taught me firsthand that “your beliefs create your destiny.”

This is the exact reason why I wanted to interview my good friend and Neuroscience Coaching™ expert Dr. Shannon Irvine.

In fact, there is one exercise you will discover in this practical episode that fundamentally shifted my ability to remove limiting beliefs in my life.

Hint: It’s about projecting your limiting belief onto something else other than yourself (seriously this strategy is worth the WHOLE listen.)

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In this interview  you will discover:

  • How to identify limiting beliefs and finally become aware of the process for shifting them
  • A simple self-coaching technique that can remove limiting beliefs faster than you can say ‘believe it.’
  • Why the brain needs consistent and repetitive positive feedback and how you can implement this into your life as a daily habit 

I trust you’ll gain so many insights to break through your past limiting beliefs and create the future you want.


Colin “Build Your Best Brain” Boyd

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