Unattached goal achievement secrets

When I looked at the numbers I was devastated.

I had put SO much time, effort, and resources into my launch and only one person joined my program.

One! (Arrrghhh)

I sat down in a slump and said to myself “This online course stuff isn’t going to work for me.”

The crazy thing is that it was only two weeks prior that I was so excited about sharing my online course with my audience.

The problem was that I had created these HUGE expectations and emotional attachment to achieving big success in this first promotion. (not sure if you can relate to that)

And as I wrapped up the launch my numbers were horrible!!!

In fact, I had lost $5,200.

Not to mention about 6 months of work and effort.

After about four days of feeling sorry for myself, I asked myself some better questions.

Questions like…

Q. What if this failure was the exact thing I needed to create a million-dollar business?

Q. What’s the valuable lesson in this failed launch? (lessons that success couldn’t teach me)

Q. How would I feel and act if this was the perfect space from which to build the business I always dreamed of?

I took this new aspiration and tried again.

But this time I let go of the need to prove anything.

…I let go of the need to achieve a certain number.

…I let go of the need for approval for myself or anyone else.

The next launch ended up having some success.

But it didn’t change my life, it simply taught me some more lessons.

Fast forward 3 years and that one product had made over two million dollars.

Through this process, I had learned to detach myself from the outcome.

Instead of being emotionally tied through fear to each goal, I became highly curious about possibility and learning.

I think one of the secrets to achieving great things as an Expert or Course Creator is knowing how to go after a goal, yet stay unattached from the outcome.

That’s exactly why I wanted to share with you 3 strategies I’ve learned over the last 13 years in business that have helped me to achieve amazing goals, yet stay unattached to their outcomes.

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In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to energetically align yourself so that you ATTRACT your goals rather than create them
  • The secrets to letting go of past failures and how you can use them to achieve more
  • The unconventional wisdom for goal achievement that gives you great momentum without stressing yourself out
  • You’ll walk away from this episode feeling confident and clear on how to go after your goals without getting emotionally attached to the outcome

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Colin “Unattached” Boyd

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