Turn Cold Prospects into Hot Customers… Faster

Have you met someone who you instantly felt connected with?


Maybe you met a new person at a party and within a few minutes you were thinking…


“Where have you been all my life!??”


That instant rapport and trust is crucial to your business success.


When a COLD prospect enters your tribe (database, FB group, Webinar etc) you have a short window to build rapport and trust quickly.


And the more effectively you do this, the faster your business will grow.


Makes sense, right?


But the problem is…how do you do that?


I’ve discovered there are 3 strategies that will help you actually connect with your colder prospects and build trust FAST.


I shared how to implement these 3 audience trust building strategies on this weeks episode here


There are 3 big questions that you have to answer to turn a cold prospect into a hot one.


These questions are…


  1. Are you a leader at what you do?


  1. Can you help me get the result I want?


  1. Do you care about me as a person? 


There are so many practical ways that you can answer these questions (which I address here)


These three questions must be answered in your prospects minds and heart if you want them to trust you and eventually buy from you.


You can answer these questions through your emails, videos, social media and many other ways.


But I need to warn you…if you don’t address these questions, your prospects won’t trust you.


I don’t want that to happen for you.


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Colin “Cold to Hot” Boyd


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