Top 4 Motivation Strategies That Work for Entrepreneurs

In my experience, the entrepreneurial journey is filled with…

Very high highs. 


Very low lows. 

Going from ecstatic states when you reach new goals to sometimes even somewhat depressive states when you’re just flat burnt out!

Today I want to address this big topic..head on. 

…Dealing with lack of motivation and burn out. 

Because this is something I’ve dealt with in the past.

So much so that at one point I felt like I wanted to quit my expert business altogether!

And who knows, I just might have if I didn’t have the 4 strategies I’m going to share with you today in my – “how to stay motivated toolbelt”.

I don’t need to elaborate on the importance of staying motivated…

We all know how important it is. 

But what I will elaborate on is a few proven and some unique strategies that I use that have pulled me out of some pretty low lows.

These strategies are:

  1. Re-prioritize refresh time

Everyday I go for a 20-30 minute walk where I just leave my phone at home and disconnect completely. I’ll walk by the beach or just be in nature for a bit. This makes a huge difference and has an immediate impact on my creativity and energy. 

  1. Reflect, refocus and recharge

It’s good to have some sort of routine that allows you to consciously reflect and refocus on what you are doing. One of the things I do daily is The 5 Minute Journal™ where I answer the following questions each morning… What am I grateful for? What will make today great?  Who am I showing up as today?

  1. Improve your relationship with the end of your life

I know, it sounds a bit morbid, but hear me out. This is actually a liberating way to move forward and get that next burst of motivation. When you’re a bit stuck, ask yourself “When I get to the end of my life, would I regret not going after this?” You’ll find yourself doing much more courageous and bolder acts. 

  1. Get help

If you find yourself stuck, see a coach, counselor or psychologist! When I’m in a rut of some sort, I always get help. If there is some type of limiting belief that’s acting as a roadblock I’ll see a life coach or if it’s a deeper mental or emotional roadblock I’ll see a psychologist. I’ve always had massive breakthroughs when I get help.

These are my 4 go-to-strategies anytime I’m suffering from burnout or a lack of motivation. 

I highly encourage you to apply them when needed. 

I know they’ll benefit you immensely as they’ve done for me so many times. 

I elaborate on each point and share my personal struggles in this week’s episode of the Expert Edge. Make sure you check it out!

Episode 158 | Motivation Strategies That Work for Entrepreneurs

Podcast Description: 

As an entrepreneur, consistently staying motivated is one of the biggest challenges we face. Lack of motivation can come from any number of angles, but I find one of the biggest contributors is mental burnout. In this episode, I share with you 4 big strategies to help you work through any burnout you’re feeling so that you can stay highly motivated. These aren’t your everyday strategies, especially strategies 3 and 4! Tune in to find out what they are.

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