Top 3 Coaching Trends To Take Advantage Of This Year!

I recently got a CD set (yes, CD’s!) from a marketer in the mail.

My first thought was “I don’t have a CD player!!!” Then I went in my car and realized I had one but had just never noticed it. (I bet you have one in your car also and didn’t realize. Seriously check it when you drive to the shops this afternoon)

Anyways, it was this physical thing that really caught my attention.

And it got me thinking…”What are going to be some of the trends that will set coaches like you apart in 2022?”

Here are 3 coaching industry trends that I think you should capitalize on this year!

Trend #1: Paid launch experiences

With the rise in Facebook ads and all advertising costs in general, if you want to be smart with your advertising money, you’ll want to consider adding a paid element to your webinars and launches.

Many of my Sell From Stage students have been doing this and seeing great results.

This could be as simple as having a VIP experience with your webinar or training series. This can add thousands to your revenue and recoup a lot of your ads budget.

One of my Sell From Stage ELITE students recently added a simple button to grab their lower ticket offer before people joined the webinar and she made over $3,000 before the webinar even started!

Add a paid element to your launches this year and your advertising budget will go a lot further!

Trend #2: Physical mailers

Sure, sitting in front of a computer screen is convenient, but it doesn’t​​ have the sensory experience that a live physical ​experience does.

I don’t see live events coming back much in 2022 (I’m sure there will be some, but the majority will be still virtual).

The next best thing is to just send people some physical mail.

I recently got a CD set (yes, CD!) from a marketer. And I thought it was brilliant. Not only did I re-discover that I actually still have a CD player in my car, but it got my attention.

Sending something physical to people is the new school trend!

Old-school is the NEW new school.

I’m not saying you should send a DVD or CD, but something valuable like a short guide or book will be a game-changing strategy in 2022.

Trend #3: External data tracking

Privacy is on the rise. Apple has claimed the #1 spot by leading with their privacy settings, which is great for users, but bad news for marketers.

So there is definitely going to be a need for you to utilize more external data tracking if you want to scale up your ads in 2022.

In a recent Facebook Ads coaching session in our Sell From Stage ELITE™ coaching program, our Facebook Ads Coach, Alvaro taught our students how to use Google Analytics to track your Ads using UTM tracking, which you can do too. And the best part is it’s free.

You’ll definitely want to look into external tracking if you’re gonna get serious with your marketing this year.

In summary, there are 3 trends that I think you’ll want to capitalize on this year.

1. Paid launch experiences

2. Physical mailers

3. External data tracking

Take one of these ideas and do something with it.

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Colin “Future Trend Spotting” Boyd

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