This Platform Is King in Marketing

To podcast…

Or not to podcast…

That is the question.

On one hand you have a platform that gives you massive business potential.

From instant authority to deep connection with your audience.

And on the other hand you have a platform that requires a decent amount of effort, planning and time.

Most coaches tend to shy away from podcasting because of the latter.

But here’s the thing, if you know what you are doing…

Podcasting is not only easy but it’s going to produce your highest quality leads.

Notice I said “if you know what you are doing”

If you go the route that most have gone, it can be a grind.

But if you follow someone that is willing to teach you the ins and outs from the beginning…

Then it’s easy-peasy.

And that’s why I wish I had access to what I’m about to share with you years ago.

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my good friends, Jenna Kutcher all about how she built the number #1 marketing podcast in the world with over 100 million downloads!

Note….you’ll love my awkward start to the interview!!!

>>> ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS: Episode 185 | How To Create An Epic Podcast w/Jenna Kutcher

>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 185 | How To Create An Epic Podcast w/Jenna Kutcher

Now from me, if I can leave you with 3 tips that have greatly helped with my podcast’s growth it would be this…

1. Consistency is King Kong

Every Tuesday I release an episode at the exact same time. If you go back and look at my podcast history you will see I haven’t missed a Tuesday – except on a few holidays. My audience is used to that day and time and expects it. To keep your audience engaged, consistency is king.

2. Make it Quality Time

I’ve spoken about producing world class content numerous times in the past and this is another platform where you want to make sure this holds true. Studies have shown that the highest quality leads are podcast listeners. Give them the goods!

3. Share It With Your Audience

Like I am doing here. Always share each episode with your audience. Whether your audience is an email list, social media following, etc… make sure they always get notified about a new episode. This will help your ranking on the podcasting platforms.

For more tips on podcasting and to get a sneak peak of what Jenna has to offer before her Free Masterclass… 

Tune into this week’s episode of the Expert Edge.

>>> LISTEN ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS: Episode 185 | How To Create An Epic Podcast w/Jenna Kutcher

>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 185 | How To Create An Epic Podcast w/Jenna Kutcher


Colin Boyd

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