The Single Phone Call That Messed Me Up

It seemed like a normal day.

I had some regular coaching clients and a few articles to write.

Then I saw my phone ringing, displaying one of my key clients.

In fact,  when I say ‘key’, they represented more than 70% of my income for that year.

I picked up the phone “Hey how are you?”

“Not so great Colin,” my client said.

“What’s happened?”  I replied

“Well to put it frankly, the entire mining industry has gone into a downturn this week and I am going to have to sever our contract,” my client said.

I remember at the time acting pretty cool about it, but in my head I realized that I just had a 70% pay cut for the year.

My stomach was churning and I started to think about all the responsibilities I had at home, with a newborn child, my wife and everything else.

Have you ever had a situation like that happen?

Initially, I made it mean it was the end of having a good financial year.

I made it mean I was getting punished for not diversifying my clients enough.

And then I asked myself this question:

What if everything I was going through was preparing me for what I was always asking for?

I remember meditating on this question and believing that it was true.

Starting to ‘believe hard’ that this trial or situation was happening to set me up for my next level.

I definitely had some good and bad days over those next few weeks.

But as I leaned into the belief that this circumstance was happening for me, and not to me, magic started to happen.

Amazing synchronicities of new clients started to appear.

I chose to put myself out there for more speaking engagements and showed my social media audience that I was ready to serve them.

This quickly led to landing much larger clients than the previous client represented.

I ended up getting paid a lot more money for my services, and even more than that enjoying my work with these new clients even more.

In this week’s thought-provoking newsletter, I wanted to encourage you to see your current circumstances and trials as being the very thing that is setting you up for what you’ve always wanted.

It’s as you get refined through your challenges that you become the person who can attract, handle and grow into your next level.

Stop trying to push away the difficulties of today and realize that everything you are going through is preparing you for what you have always asked for.

I hope this encourages you today as you build your coaching, speaking and expert business.

I want you to know I’m here to support you and each week you’ll get something useful from me.

Whether you decide to join Sell From Stage Academy™ at some point or not I’ll always be committed to helping your heart and mind stay focused on what’s most important.

Bless ya,

Colin “Grow Your Life” Boyd

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