The RIGHT question to ask on a webinar to get clients.

I was about to go live on my first webinar.

I had 87 people signed up, I had been preparing my content for weeks and I was really excited about offering them my program at the end.

I presented my content for around 45 minutes and then made the next steps offer.

And do you know what happened?

I received a lot of encouraging emails saying the content was fantastic, but no sales.

Have you ever had that experience?

You get great feedback from people saying how valuable and fantastic your content was but no one joins your program (which you know is the place where they’ll actually get the REAL transformation).

The reason why this happened was that I was making a FATAL ERROR…

I believe this one error is the reason why your presentations don’t convert on your webinars and why your speeches finish with crickets.

It’s the difference between getting claps and clients.

Are you ready for this distinction?

It comes down to what you make the presentation about.

One of the first revelations that I teach in Sell From Stage Academy™ is that when you’re designing a presentation it must be about one main thing…

That is, it must be about helping your audience make a DECISION.

You see the problem is when I first started out I made my presentations about everything else except for helping my audience make a decision.

I made it about cool content, entertaining stories, and just loads of practical tips that I thought were useful.

Now don’t get me wrong, the presentations were enjoyable, but they didn’t lead to anyone joining my programs.

If you want to speak in a way that actually generates clients, you must make your entire presentation about helping the audience make a congruent decision.

I’ll give you an example…

Have you ever had anyone ask if they can take you out for coffee and ‘pick your brain’?

You go out and catch up with them, spend a good hour or two giving them your best practical content and you see them a month or so later and ask how they have gone with implementing?

And their answer is almost always, “Oh I haven’t started yet.”

And you’re thinking, “Great, so I just wasted my time!”

I’ll let you in on a secret that most people don’t know about seeing a change in their life.

The secret to making progress is not learning all of the “HOW TO”,  it’s about getting to a point where you fully commit or make what I call a congruent decision.

So the goal of your presentation shouldn’t be about just providing entertaining stories or your latest content.

The goal of your presentation (if you want to actually get clients) must be about helping them make a deep, congruent, decision, that the thing you help them with will give them the results that they want.

This making sense?

A lot of my Sell From Stage Academy™ students share with me that this one revelation was a game-changer for them, especially when they implemented the “Micro Decision Strategy”  throughout their presentations to ensure their audience is making decisions.

So the next time you are planning your webinar or speech….

DON’T ask the question “What cool content can I share with them?”

DO ask the question “How can I design my presentation so that it helps the audience make a decision?”

This will change your content from just being entertaining to being the catalyst for them actually seeing a change in their life.

So are you ready to make a commitment to help your audience ‘make a decision’ on the next presentation you do? (see what I did there 😉

I trust and hope this was helpful.

Colin “Make a decision” Boyd

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