The most important part of your offer

Most experts think the most important part of their offer is the content they teach in it.

This might be true once somebody actually buys your offer.


The content in your course is NOT the reason people buy it.

This is what a lot of coaches get wrong.

When presenting their offer they focus way too much on showcasing the content contained in the course.

Which seems natural…

However, people aren’t actually buying because of the content in the course.

When done correctly, the most important part of your offer are…

…The Bonuses.

Once you understand this you can strategically create your Bonuses to get your audience over the hump to join your program.

The other day I was teaching my Sell From Stage ELITE™ students that the 2 types of bonuses you need in your offer that will help you strategically get people to join your program.

The first type are Desire Based Bonuses. 

  • Anything that might have taken you a long time to create but a short time for your audience to implement is a good idea here. Downloads, Cheatsheets & Workbooks work great. 

The second type are Resistance Based Bonuses.

  • What are some resistances that people might have to your offer? Build bonuses around these resistances.

Many coaches just put up a bunch of bonuses because they see other people doing it.

That may work to some degree…

But the most effective way I found is to add a combination of Desire based and Resistance based bonuses into your program.

One last tip – you want the value of the bonuses to be worth the entire investment alone.

This is how you get bonuses to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you and get people to move forward on your offer.

Try it out, and watch your conversions jump!

Colin “Bonus King” Boyd

Now onto the Expert Edge Podcast this week…

Episode 131 | 3 Secrets To Scaling Your Expert Business

Scaling your expert business to multi-6 or 7 figures can seem like a daunting endeavor. I know, I was in that position at one time. In hindsight, it wasn’t actually that difficult. It just took time for me to figure out what the secrets were to scaling. In this episode, I share the 3 main secrets that have helped our business scale from 6 figures to above 7 figures. Applying just 1 of these 3 secrets would be sufficient in helping you scale to the next level but applying all 3 will drastically fast track your journey.

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