The Missing Piece to Goal Setting

photoOur first baby boy arriving in the next week or so!

As you can see, we’ve spent time preparing his little room with the bunting, the cot, the baby bouncer and the inspiring quote (as every son of a motivational expert should have :). The date that’s coming up is imminent. Very soon, we will have a baby boy in our hands.

As a manager, I’m sure you’ll have impending dates this year in which you have something that must be delivered. Too often, I see managers in corporations who are fully aware that there is a due date creeping up, but they don’t do the preparation work that makes the goal reality. They end up having that “Sorry, we need the delivery date reviewed” conversation, which is not high-performance leadership. I see people, too often, articulate goals – then stop at that. Yeah, it’s great to have goals for 2013, but without the actual preparation to realise the goal, it’s just a pipe dream. It is the preparation that makes your goals reality. Even if you’ve set some fantastic goals for 2013, it’s the preparation, perspiration and implementation that will bring them to fruition.

Think of your delivery dates just like that – as delivery dates. Refuse to have the belief that it’s ok to change the delivery dates mentally. I know I’d be in trouble if I believed this for our baby’s birth date. This one belief alone can be the difference between mass implementation or squandering your year.

Some ideas that I believe will actualise your projects, include:

  • Doing the planning work, not just articulating the goal
  • Breaking down the big picture into small steps
  • Making the prior implementation easier by ensuring that you have the right tools for the implementation

For example, when I tried to install our baby seat, I wasn’t 100% sure that our baby would be safe in it. So I got expert advice to put it in properly. Now I can say for sure that my baby will be safe.

So, I’ve got two questions:

1. Who do you need to ask advice from to make your 2013 goals a reality?
2. What preparation time must you plan into you diary to make 2013 goals reality?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

P.S. I’ll let you know when our baby boy arrives.


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