The Magic Of Adding Physical Products To Your Expert Business w/ Alison Prince

You know that feeling…

When you open the front door and look down to see a FedEx package at your feet.

There’s something magical about that moment.

You’re wondering “What’s inside? Who sent me something?”

It definitely makes you feel special.

In this new world of digital experiences, there is something special about getting a physical product in the mail.

And there is an opportunity right now to differentiate your coaching and expert business with the use of physical products.

That could be a journal, sticker pack, mug, t-shirt, or any other type of swag that pulls your customer into your world.

If you have been thinking about adding some physical products to your coaching business then you’ll definitely want to listen to this week’s Expert Edge Podcast interview with Alison Prince.

She started out as a junior high school teacher with a dream to run a business.

This dream eventually turned into something that has generated more than ten million dollars in sales and allowed her to give away 1 million dollars to charity last year!

Not only will her story inspire you, but it will give you some practical strategies to improve your business through physical products.

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In this interview you will discover:

  • Simple and easy steps to add physical products to your current digital offering so that you get lower refund rates, greater customer experience, and better results in your business. 
  • Why physical products can set you apart in this current marketplace and how to use them to triple customer satisfaction
  • How to turn a side hustle business into a multimillion-dollar Empire through the power of building community

I trust you will enjoy this amazing and practical conversation I have with Alison.


Colin Boyd

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>>> Listen to this week’s episode The Magic Of Adding Physical Products To Your Expert Business w/ Alison Prince



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