The ‘Fail Faster’ Strategy for Growing Your Coaching Business

Business can get pretty ‘serious’ sometimes.

It’s easy to get caught up with every detail and feel like it needs to be successful!

The problem with this is, you stop innovating and you end up leaving a whole lot of opportunity on the table.

One strategy that I encourage my ELITE students to do every quarter is “fail activities.”

These are activities that you ‘trial’ during the quarter with no emotional attachment to success.

What’s cool is that one of the activities usually lands and you get a burst of clients or revenue.

Here are 5 examples of ‘fail activities’ you could do this quarter…

  1. Pitch yourself to 5 big podcasts (with no attachment that you will get them)
  2. Re-package a small part of your flagship program and sell it for 10-20% of the main program cost
  3. Do a Facebook Live and invite people to download a cheatsheet
  4. Email your “engaged” email list with an invite to work with you one-on-one
  5. Host a 2-hour masterclass over Zoom for free and pitch your program at the end (with no expectations)

The important thing is to not be emotionally attached to the outcome.

Let go of the need for it to be successful and just give it a go.

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On the Expert Edge Podcast this week…..We interviewed a Client Onboarding Expert

…Onboarding a new client into your programs can be overwhelming for both you and your customer. Luckily we have a special guest who is a ninja when it comes to onboarding, her name is Andrea Ames. I wanted her expertise on this podcast to really help unpack and strengthen key pillars that you might be struggling with in your onboarding process so that you can get your clients to rant, rave, and positively refer your business. 

As you listen to this episode you’ll discover some of the key onboarding foundations:

  1. How to set clear and concise expectations for your new client …so that they can comfortably navigate your program 
  2. Creating an atmosphere for positive client interaction [in order to triple your customer lifetime value]  
  3. Why you need to create ‘consistent cadence’ in your programs to ensure your students get great results


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Colin “Fail faster” Boyd

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In this series you’ll discover:

  1. The invisible messaging elements that your competitors aren’t even aware of
  2. How to craft a demand-creating messaging ecosystem
  3. Creating unique and engaging content structures
  4. How you can get your content out into the world for quick exposure and growth


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