The Art of a Multi-Six Figure Webinar

Can I cut to the chase today?!

There are really only 3 key ingredients to ensure that you run a highly profitable Expert or Coaching business.

1. The courage to commit fully

2. Using proven strategies (instead of trial and error)

3. Belonging to a group that inspires you to go to the next level

KT Merry, who is a Sell From Stage Academy® student, recently started her Expert business after being a photographer for many years.

Instead of wasting years of her life trying to ‘work it out herself’ she embodied the 3 characteristics I mentioned above.

And her results show it.

In fact, she went from running a full-time photography business to now teaching photographers how to build a business…without the usual headaches and hurdles.

Imagine….in only your 2nd webinar attempt you make $393,000!

That’s exactly what KT Merry did.

And it’s the very reason I wanted to interview her to unpack the steps she took to see such success in a short time.

In this week’s episode of Expert Edge Podcast I interviewed KT Merry about her journey to running multi-six-figure launches and what it really takes to have success in this Expert industry.

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As I’ve watched KT’s journey I’ve noticed that there are a few things that she displays which make her successful…

1. She commits fully (every launch or webinar she goes all in!)

2. She trusts the process fully (instead of trying to make it up herself she just uses proven formulas that work)

3. She asks for help from the mentors and group around her

I trust that this interview will inspire you to go bigger in your business and make the impact you truly want to make.

Enjoy the episode:

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Colin “Artful Selling” Boyd

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