The 4 Phases From 0 To $1 Million In Your Expert Business

It took me 10 years in business to hit a million dollars per year.

When I first started, the idea of making a million dollars seemed crazy to me. 

I started as a life coach doing one-on-one coaching, which to be quite frank, was amazing fun, but hard work.

I would book free coaching sessions and meet in hotel lobbies and do my best to hone my craft. 

All I had was this dream in my heart of one day doing something that had real meaning, and that I could make money along the way doing it.

The idea of doing a million dollars in a year wasn’t even fathomable to me at the start. 

But as I progressed, I learned the skills and the mindset necessary to generate a hundred thousand dollars or more per month.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with people like Jenna Kutcher, (in fact, I was featured on her Goal Digger podcast this week – TAKE A LISTEN HERE) and Amy Porterfield who have built multi-million dollar businesses and millions of followers. 

But I didn’t start at that level. 

I started by working with anyone I could find, and I gradually built my way up.

I have been running my Expert business for over 13 years now and I want to unpack my journey of what I’ve been through to get to the point of running a million-dollar business…

…So you can do it also!

I outlined all of this with lots of practical ideas in today short podcast The Journey From Zero To $1 Million In Your Expert Business

Here are the 4 phases of achieving a million-dollar business.

Phase 1: From Zero to $100,000 (TESTING PHASE)

Reaching the $100,000 mark is a significant milestone for any business owner. However, it’s essential to understand that this is just the beginning. This phase is about testing your offers and truly understanding your audience’s needs. Just do the hours at this level and you’ll be on track.

Phase 2: From $100,000 to $300,000 (BUILDING PHASE)

At this level, you’re starting to build the DNA of becoming a pro. This is the building phase. Your building, your brand, and your core offers. You may still feel like an amateur, but you’re getting serious about your business. Outsourcing customer service and general admin is crucial at this stage. 

Phase 3: From $300,000 to $700,000 (EXPOSURE PHASE)

At this level, you’re starting to grow your team and delegate tasks. You’ll need to be more strategic about who you partner with and really start getting more exposure through ads and features. You’ll also want to reduce your offers down to one core pathway. Don’t have too many offers at this stage or you’ll get stuck.

Phase 4: From $700,000 to $1,000,000 (FOCUS PHASE)

The final phase is where you become a leader in your industry. At this level, you’re scaling your business and expanding your reach. You’re working less in your business, but rather on your business. You’ve stepped into a true leadership role in your business and the marketplace.

Growing a million-dollar business takes time, effort, and the right mindset. It’s important to understand your target audience’s needs and create a unique solution to their problems.

Take a listen to todays podcast, it’s a must listen if you want to understand the journey ahead of you…

Episode 159 | The Journey From 0 To $1 Million In Your Expert Business

Podcast Description: 

As a coach and course creator there is a magic number that many people talk about, the million-dollar mark.  This elusive number can be highly frustrating and incredibly aspirational all at the same time. I know for me when I first started in my coaching business it seemed way out of reach. I’ve been running a million-dollar-per-year expert business for several years now and I wanted to unpack for you the journey and the phases I went through to reach that level. If you want to build a million-dollar coaching or course creation business this podcast will be like a flashlight to your journey. It’s going to illuminate the path so that it is clearer and easier for you to travel down.

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Colin ‘You can do it’  Boyd

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