The 4 Focuses of Every Successful Expert Business

Running an expert business can feel complicated.

I remember when I first started as a life coach, other than ‘doing the coaching’ I honestly did not have much clue about how to build the business.

That’s why I wanted to share with you a simple model that we use to make sure our Inner Circle client’s businesses grow.

In fact, these four focuses are what make every expert business flourish.

When you’re missing one of these, eventually the wheels of your business will fall off. So it’s super important that you’re aware of these four areas and how they work to build your business.

Here are the four focuses of successful expert businesses:

  1. Mindset

I know the word mindset is thrown around a lot, but you cannot underestimate how much continually working on your thinking and belief systems is crucial to your business growth.

The bigger you grow your business the more it will become about your mindset.

Specifically, I found doing the work on your limiting beliefs can very quickly open up new opportunities in your life and business.

When I first started my business I had a belief that “money was hard to find.”

From this place of fear and scarcity, I would rarely experience abundance in my life.

Since I’ve shifted this belief I’ve noticed the incredible opportunities and synchronicities that are continually showing up in my life.

Keep working on your mindset.

  1. Marketing

You might be an incredible coach, but if you don’t know how to market yourself and speak to your audience then you don’t have a business.

It’s kinda like being a hospital in a deserted town.

You know that you can help people, but there’s no one around to help!

But here’s the truth, there are some people in your industry that have too many clients to handle and there are others that are struggling to get a single client.

The issue is not the audience, it’s your ability to attract your audience to your offer.

Marketing can look like running webinars, speeches, social media, etc. There are so many avenues for marketing, but finding one that works for you is the secret to having a consistent lead flow and client base.

Webinars and presentations are my two favorite client generating activities. 

There’s nothing like delivering a presentation that rocks and having a line of clients excited to work with you. This is what I teach in Sell From Stage Academy™.

  1. Model

How you structure your business and deliver your content will affect how hard you work for your money.

There is nothing wrong with doing one-to-one coaching.

In fact, I’ve done over the 4,000 professional coaching hours in the last 10 years and I’m really proud of that. But I also know that there is a cap to the amount of impact and income you can make in that model.

So once you’ve learned the foundations you will want to move into a more scalable business model so that you can serve more people.

I’ll never forget the first time I presented to a conference and made $126,000 from a digital course I offered at the end of my presentation.

It was amazing when I received emails from the people who joined from different parts of the world that I had not met personally.

This was the first time I’d ever experienced leverage in my business.

To think that thousands of people are using my tools around the world and making a difference means so much to me.

Build a business model that will enable you to serve your clients and build a life.

  1. Mastery

Have you ever signed up for a program and been underwhelmed from the experience?

You join the program with all these expectations that you were going to learn something new and the ideas you’re exposed to were far from world-class.

I have an obsession with creating world-class material.

If you ever decide to do one of my programs like Sell From Stage Academy™ or Experts Inner Circle you’ll experience a quality of content and ideas that I trust will change your life.

The more time I spend in this expert industry, the more I realize how small it is.

The quality of your product will soon be known to the market, this can either be a really good thing or really bad thing.

In fact, I’ve seen people go on meteoric rises to have just as quick falls because the quality of their program did not live up to the majority of people’s expectations.

As Malcolm Gladwell says “10,000 hours tend to be a benchmark of mastery.” I would encourage you to commit to mastery and becoming world-class.

Deliver products that blow people’s minds and change their lives.

These four focuses are the foundations for building a successful expert business.

I trust this has been helpful for you to understand the main moving parts of your business as you continue to commit to your growth throughout 2020.

Bless ya,

Colin “Build the Foundations” Boyd

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I’m Colin! I’m an Aussie, but I’m based in Newport Beach, California.
I help entrepreneurs sell from virtual and live stages (without being pushy and sales-y)
I coach thousands of experts, course creators and coaches around the world on this topic, and I’ve also advised the biggest names including people Amy Porterfield, Alison Prince, Carrie Green, Julie Solomon  and many other industry leaders.