The 3 Secret Skills of Successful Course Creators

One of the big problems with running an Expert Business is that it’s very personal.


It’s not like you’re a bakery store that sells donuts!


You’re a personal brand that sells ideas.


The problem with this is that if you aren’t developing the right skills, ultimately your business will plateau or fail…sometimes very quickly.


I believe there are core 3 skills that every Expert Business and Coach needs to develop so that they thrive in this current economy.


Skill 1: Offer Simplification


After running my business for over 13 years, I’ve noticed that the most SUCCESSFUL Expert Business owners have simplicity in their offers.


If you’re under $300,000 in your revenue it’s probably an indicator that you have TOO many offers.


That’s right, too many!


I’ve noticed that anyone who moved beyond $300,000+ and up to the million dollars usually has only one Flagship Offer.


Personally, I used to run a mastermind. 


And even though it was successful from an industry standard, I knew that it was taking away from the energy I needed to serve my Sell From Stage Academy® and Sell From Stage ELITE™ students.


So I canceled it.


I said no to hundreds of thousands of dollars so that I could help people in my Sell From Stage programs.


And the payoff was that my business almost doubled in 12 months!!! 


What offers do you need to let go of to go to the next level?


Skill 2: Persuasive communication


Your ability to communicate effectively to your audience is the difference between growing and floundering in your business.


Think about it, your main job as an Expert is ‘communicating valuable ideas’ to your audience and helping them commit to those ideas.


So if you aren’t working on this skill, then it will hurt your business growth.


It’s one of the reasons I’m running Sell From Webinar & Virtual Stages Series.


Skill 3: Over delivering value

Finally, once you’ve dialed in your core offer and can communicate the value of it effectively, you’ll want to OVER DELIVER.


I want you to imagine this…


…Imagine you only had ONE customer left in your business. 


And you had to look after that ONE customer so well that they referred your program to someone else to gain more sales.


How would you over-deliver?


Go out and do that for your current customers and you’ll create a great reputation and longevity in your business!




This week on the podcast I interviewed a student who went from one-to-one coaching to a scaled course creator.


Going from coaching to a full-time course creator can be a major shift. Megan Walker is a Sell From Stage Academy student who has successfully scaled her business 3x and is here to talk about her course creator journey. I get the privilege of unpacking her story with her as she describes her real-life trials that have become the foundational steps in being a successful full-time course creator. 


As you listen you’ll discover:


  • How to accelerate the journey from one-to-one or done-for-you coaching to a successful course creator [without the years of heartache]
  • The ONE decision she made to simplify her offers that led her to 5X her launch results
  • How to quickly and easily build your online course so that can confidently share your offer [without the anxiety]


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Colin “3 Core Skills” Boyd


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