The 3 Proven Strategies To Run Your First 6-Figure Launch

Are you still having trouble breaking that “6-figure launch” result?

When I first started in this Expert industry I remember people talking about running six-figure and even multi-figure launches and it blew my mind.

At the time, my webinars were making about $3,000 (which I thought was amazing).

But to be honest, I had a real block when it came to thinking I could actually make more than $100,000+ in one presentation.

It just felt out of reach.

Have you ever felt like this?

Have you felt like running a six or multi six-figure launch is out of reach?

If so, I want you to know I felt exactly the same.

But, I’ll never forget the first time I ran a webinar and it made $153,000 in sales.

This got me really excited!!!

…so I applied the exact same strategy with more focus and it resulted in my next webinar making $251,000.

“Holy moly!” I thought, “this actually works”.

I want you to know that if you feel stuck in this journey, I totally understand.

I also want you to know that you don’t have to stay there and that it is possible to go to the next level.

There is a very specific strategy and mindset you must Implement to be able to run a six and multi-six-figure launch for the first time.

It won’t just happen ‘by surprise’.

This is exactly what I share on the Expert Edge Podcast this week.

The episode is called: The 3 Proven Strategies To Run Your First 6-Figure Launch

In this episode you’ll discover:

The single most destructive pattern that many Experts get caught in that prevent them from running a six-figure launch ( if you are  below six figures currently I can almost guarantee you’re doing this)

 The 1 simple mindset shift that took me from running five-figure to multi six-figure webinars ( this is something almost no one talks about but it’s real )

 the specific numbers you must know to be able to scale your launches  so that it takes the fear out of launching and puts the confidence in you to go all-in

You’ll walk away from this session more confident and ready to run a six or multi six-figure launch  sooner than you think

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Colin ‘Break the 6-Figure Mark’ Boyd

P.S.  I’ve never shared in so much detail the exact process I went through to go from five to multi-six figure webinars. This will help you to get clarity on the exact next steps you must take to go to your next level Listen to 6-Figure launch steps here. Enjoy 🙂

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