The 3 crucial skills you need to grow your Expert Business in this current economy

One of the big problems with running an Expert Business is that it’s very personal.

It’s not like you’re a bakery store that sells donuts!

You’re a personal brand that sells ideas.

The problem with this is that if you’re having a bad day or month ‘personally’ it can have a big impact on the results of your business.

And if you as an individual aren’t developing the right skills, ultimately your business will plateau or fail…sometimes very quickly.

I believe there are 3 skills that every Expert Business owner needs to develop so that they thrive in this current economy.

One of the first crucial skills is ‘Offer Simplification’.

After running my business for over 12 years, I’ve noticed that the most successful Expert Business owners have simplicity in their offers.

If you’re under $300,000 in your revenue it’s probably an indicator that you have too many offers.

That’s right, too many!

I’ve noticed that anyone who moved beyond $300,000+ and up to the million dollars usually have only one Flagship Offer.

Now, this can be really tough because letting go of offers can feel like you’re letting go of revenue.

You have to do this process the right way!

I know exactly what this is like, I’ve closed down programs and stopped selling various digital courses, and at the time it felt like I was making a decision that would cause my business to have less revenue.

Insert sick feeling in stomach 🙁

But what happened was that each time I did this I gained a new level of focus and energy. And with this new level of energy my business grew.

Offer Simplification is the first crucial skill to growing a business to a million dollars or at least getting it above $300,000.

I’m really excited to share with you the next two skills (and you even go deeper into offer simplification)

In this week’s episode of Expert Edge Podcast I unpack ALL of the 3 crucial skills that you need to develop as an Expert Business owner.

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In this week’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • The one skill that will make you magnetic to your audience (this will be the difference between you begging for customers and them asking to join your programs)
  • How to make the right decision regarding your Flagship Offer…and why simplifying your offers will result in more revenue for your business
  • The specific stages I’ve noticed that expert businesses move through as they transition to a million dollars and above (this will help you identify where you’re at and the mistakes you’re making so that you can keep scaling)
  • You’ll walk away from this podcast with some really practical strategies to use right away to improve your Expert business!

These 3 crucial skills will be the difference between plateauing or truly growing your revenue and impact in your business.

I’m excited for you to learn and apply them right away.

—>>> Listen to “The 3 crucial skills to grow your Expert Business in this current economy”

Colin “Crucial Skills” Boyd

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