The 3 Biggest Productivity Hacks for Experts and Coaches

“You are wasting my time!”

That’s exactly what my Manager told me as I sat in the conference room as a marketing graduate.

It freaked me out how abrupt she was!!!

But the hard part was that she was right 🙁

I had no clear way of managing my time and priorities.

I had never been shown how to be productive.

School didn’t teach me, my parents didn’t show me (and I don’t think I would have listened even if they had tried).

But this incident got my attention!

I knew I was going to get fired if I didn’t become more productive.

It was this first incident that got me obsessed with using my hours better.

Fast forward more than 15 years later…

…And even though I can’t get ‘fired’ now as an entrepreneur, I think I have MORE FEAR of not being productive now than I did back then.

Side fact: The first digital course I ever created was called The Productivity Academy™ (but more on that journey soon)

As an entrepreneur, I know that if I don’t make my days effective, I won’t put food on the table and Porsches in the driveway 😉

That’s why I recorded this weeks Expert Edge Podcast called “My 3 Biggest Productivity Hacks for Experts and Coaches

In this episode you’ll discover:

– The Sprint Method™ that can double and even quadruple the results you get in a single hour (this strategy is my go-to method for when I need serious output)

– Why most entrepreneurs never can ‘get focused’ (and the exact strategy you need to implement today to be in the top 3% who can )

– The unconventional way of thinking about time so that you stop feeling out of control or like you’re running out of it every day! (Warning this idea is quite controversial)

 You’ll walk away from this session with more confidence and ready to be the most productive version of yourself you’ve ever been

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Colin ‘Produce more’ Boyd

P.S. The Sprint Method that you’ll learn in this episode may be the MOST valuable productivity hack you’ll EVER learn (I’m not joking), so don’t miss it! Listen to the Sprint Method here

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