The 3 Biggest Irresistible Offer Mistakes Coaches Make

Most coaches make this common mistake when trying to sell their courses and programs.

It’s kind of like this…

Imagine I was trying to sell you a vacation and I start by saying…
“Imagine yourself waiting at home for your Uber to arrive, you get in the Uber and drive to the airport. You check-in and eventually get on the plane. You fly on the plane to your destination, then you get out and transfer to your hotel. Then you enjoy your vacation”.

Now, I get it, you are probably not very inspired!

That’s because I sold you the process, not the destination!

The truth is most coaches try to sell the process of their product, as opposed to the destination.

This is the reason why your courses, coaching, or programs aren’t selling.

Your prospects don’t care about your process!!!

All they want to know is whether you can get them to the destination faster, cheaper, and easier than they can get there themselves.

i.e. The destination.

This is 1 of 3 secrets for making your offer irresistible. Click here to listen to all 3

On the Expert Edge Podcast this week I recorded a special episode all about the 3 big mistakes that prevent your offers from being irresistible.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to sell the destination, not the process (once you learn this principle the way you sell your programs will change forever)
  • Why you need to make your Offers a ‘sacred place of transformation” – this mental shift can be the difference between selling 10 and selling thousands of your courses to your audience
  • The #1 mistake that most experts and coaches make by ‘trying to convince their audience’ that their program is awesome… and the simple strategy you need to use to fix this!
  • You’ll walk away from this episode feeling clear, excited, and ready to make your offer completely irresistible

Listen to this episode here

Kind Regards,

Colin “Irresistible Offers” Boyd.

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