Why Your Team Is Underperforming and How to Fix It

Teamwork Colin boydSo your team isn’t creating rockstar results, hey?

Knowing what’s important to your team is the first step to change. Yet, most teams miss the (even more vital) next step.

The other day, I was working with a team that was frustrated with how they were performing. There was bickering, politics and blaming. We identified that they had not spent the time to identify what was important to them. You may refer to this as their values. Values are described by words like passion, hustle, honesty, fun, success, integrity, drive, etc. The problem with identifying values is that they are very ‘meta.’ In other words, they represent states or emotions that are far off in the distance and are difficult to grasp. Just identifying values is like knowing your destination, yet not having the road map to get there.

It’s crucial to identify what’s important to your team, organisation and yourself, but you must also identify how to get there. If you really want to see transformation, you must identify the behaviours that lead to this outcome.  Behaviours are tangible habits that people can action. For example: When you have something to say that you feel is important, say it.  As a trainer, if I present concepts and ideas but omit the steps for creating these ideas, I inhibit transformation. It’s like the value is the ‘why’ and the behaviour is the ‘how.’

Follow these steps to create transformation in your teams behaviours:

1. Get your team in a room (wow, that may be a feat in itself).

2. Discuss the values that are important to your team (value cards can help with this process).

3. Decide on the top 5 -10 values of your team.

4. Identify the ‘behaviours’ that exhibit these values (this is also referred to as being vital behaviours by Kerry Paterson et al in the book Influencers).



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