Simple strategy to influence someone (without being pushy or weird)

Most people make the mistake of letting their influence be determined by chance. 

This means, you sometimes connect well, but many times walk away from a conversation feeling very self conscious.

(insert awkward and stuttering moments)

On the contrary…

If you know some simple influencing strategies you can build rapport with others almost instantly and with a high degree of predictable success.

And when you build influence and rapport you’ll end up creating more  trust and ultimately landing more clients.  

Over the past decade I’ve developed and utilized a number of strategies that have allowed me to authentically build rapport and connection with people one-to-one and from a stage quickly. 

I recently recorded a (short) Expert Edge Podcast episode about “5 Practical Strategies To Build Rapport Fast” where I dive deep into each strategy and how to effectively utilize them. 

Let me share the first strategy with you here…

If you’re interested in learning the other 4, I highly encourage you to give this episode a listen. 

Here’s the first of 5 strategies I shared…

1.  Share beneath the surfaceIt’s important to understand that the level of vulnerability you bring to a communication is the level of connection you’ll have.Now this doesn’t mean that you share everything and all your deep dark secrets.If you share too much, you come off as desperate and it just makes things weird!

The key here is not to force it.

It should be relevant to the conversation or presentation.

For example, if something about business comes up you can talk about a recent challenge you might have had.

If you do this right, it creates a deep resonance with the other person almost immediately.

And what happens is when you start to open up a bit to the other person or your audience, then they’re gonna have a sense of permission to start to open up to you.

There’s a level of trust built right away.

Do you see the power in this?

Now that’s just a little sneak peak.

If you want to hear this full strategy in depth, as well as the other 4, then click here to listen to this week’s episode of the Expert Edge Podcast.

See you inside.

Colin “Instant Rapport” Boyd

Episode 142 | 5 Practical Strategies To Improve Your Influence

Podcast Description: 

Most people fall into the trap of letting their influence and rapport be determined by chance. You’ll sometimes connect really well with someone and other times you’ll feel uncomfortable and awkward. What if I told you that this can be done consciously and with high levels of success? That there are strategies out there that help you build rapport super fast – sometimes within seconds. 

In this episode, I share 5 practical strategies that I’ve developed and used over the last 10-15 years to connect, resonate and influence people, all while creating winning situations for everyone involved.

Listen today to discover these 5 practical strategies so that you can implement them into your life and business as soon as today!

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