[REVEALED] The SECRET to an irresistible offer

Let me tell you about one of my worst promotions…

The first course I created was called the Productivity Academy.

It was a program I had spent years training for and creating, with the highest hopes to help people!

But when it came to selling the product…I failed terribly.

The first time I offered it, I had over 600+ people see it and only one person bought it (and at the lowest payment plan possible!)

To say that I felt disheartened is an understatement.

I remember saying to myself… “maybe my product isn’t as good as I thought” and “maybe people don’t want what I have to share.”

But here is the surprising truth that I learned soon after this experience…

The problem wasn’t my product.


I’ve since then done multi-six-figure launches with that exact same product!!!

I didn’t change the product, I changed how I offered it.

Learning how to articulate what your product can do for the audience is one of the most powerful and effective ways to make your digital product a mega success.

I’ve learned that the difference between a launch that feels mundane and a launch that ends up being a money-making machine is an irresistible offer.

And the same is probably true for you, the problem isn’t your product, it’s how you offer it.

After years of practicing and teaching this model I’m breaking down some of my most used and most effective strategies in this week’s episode of the Expert Edge podcast:

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In this new episode you’ll discover:

  • Why your offer needs to be founded on one key belief (if you don’t have this your offer will never succeed)
  • The surprising perspective shift you must make so that you finally feel comfortable selling your digital product… this change will take you from feeling fear to confidence
  • How to know if your offer is irresistible and some simple changes you can make that will make your product fly off the digital shelves

Click here now! The Psychology of an Irresistible Offer 

Colin “Irresistible Offer” Boyd.

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I’m Colin! I’m an Aussie, but I’m based in Newport Beach, California.
I help entrepreneurs sell from virtual and live stages (without being pushy and sales-y)
I coach thousands of experts, course creators and coaches around the world on this topic, and I’ve also advised the biggest names including people Amy Porterfield, Alison Prince, Carrie Green, Julie Solomon  and many other industry leaders.