Read this if you feel awkward when sharing your offers

Do you feel awkward when you make an offer?

You know, that feeling when it comes to the end of your webinar or the end of your presentation and you go to share your program and it’s cost.

You feel that internal resistance or uncertainty.

I’ll let you in on a secret.

Your prospect or audience picks it up also!

They can feel the difference between what I call ‘Offer Certainty’ or ‘Offer Uncertainty’.

If you want to improve your sales and conversions in your presentations, webinars or discovery calls you must become certain in your offer.

Just the other day, I was running a coaching call for our Sell From Stage Academy™ students and I came up with a new piece of content that I wanted to share with you.

It’s called the Offer Certainty Trio™

Essentially there are 3 pillars that you must have ‘certainty’ around so that when you present your offer you come across as being confident.

1. Your mindset around sales – One of the foundations of Sell From Stage Academy™ is getting students to shift their thinking about what you believe about sales. The first principle you must learn is that selling is serving. If you feel selling is pushy, sleazy or manipulative you will have internal resistance around selling. That makes total sense right? and if you have internal resistance around selling, how well do you think you’re going to sell? (not very effectively.)

So my first question is: What is your mindset around sales?

You must get yourself to a place where you feel comfortable with the idea of selling in general.

2. Self Process Proof – This is about you personally knowing that the program and processes you teach, actually work. This is usually established because you’re teaching content that you have been using for many years. Maybe you have an expertise that you have refined and you feel personally confident to get results using It.

The second question is: On a scale of 1 to 10 how certain do you feel about the processes you teach because you have proven them to yourself?

3. Client Result Proof – This is about the level of certainty that you have around your clients getting results from the processes you teach in your program. You will usually gather case studies, client testimonials and evidence from your audience to not just prove to prospects, but also to yourself that your stuff works.

This is a continual process that can evolve over time. Personally, I thought I had a high-level in this and then I was talking with Tina Towers, A Sell From Stage Academy™ graduate who mentioned she had improved her keynote fee and speaking results from an average of $5000 to $18,000, instantly after implementing the Sell from Stage method.

This honestly took me by surprise, in a good way. I wanted to share this because this is an example of you increasing your Client Result Proof.

All of these come together to result in Offer Certainty.

When you have complete offer certainty you bring a conviction to your offer and energy of confidence that blows doubts out of the water.

I encourage you to increase all of these three areas so the next time you present at a conference or on a webinar or even a discovery call, you communicate your offer with absolute conviction.

This will increase your conversion rates and your ability to, therefore, serve more people.

On a personal note – I want you to know that I’m committed to you, to your development and reaching your potential, that’s why I write these articles for you.

Kind regards,
Colin Boyd

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