Psychology of an Offer That Converts

Listening to a bad offer is like nails down a chalkboard.

And that is not how I want YOUR audience to feel when you pitch.

Personally, I love watching people share their offers.

…and if it’s good, I’m ready with my credit card.

In fact, I recently went to a conference with no intention of buying anything and walked away joining the highest level program available. Haha.

I love it!!!

When an Expert shares an offer that resonates with you and shows you more of what’s possible, I’m in!

I recently recorded an Expert Edge Podcast episode about “The Psychology of An Offer That Converts”.

Here’s the first of three big ideas I shared….

#1 You must view your offer as a sacred place of transformation

Most people think they have a problem with selling, when the real problem is how they view their offer.

If you view your offer as a place that takes time, money and energy away from people who are already struggling then you will have trouble selling it.

But if you create an offer that truly sees transformation in people’s lives, and present it as a sacred place of transformation

…all of a sudden the energy you have around selling shifts.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down here???

You have to go from seeing it as a transaction to a true transformation.

This one shift can completely change how you feel about selling.

Heck, you’re probably already starting to feel the power of it.

I went really deep on this idea and more on this week’s podcast called “Psychology Of An Offer That Converts”.

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Colin “Offer the Transformation” Boyd

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