Proven Wealth Creation Strategies for Expert Businesses w/ Mel Abraham

This is one of the scariest but most common traps coaches fall into…

They focus completely on building their business and forget to build wealth.

After running my Expert business for over 13 years I think one of the most unspoken traps that many coaches fall into is that they spend all their time and money focused on building their business while forgetting the long-term wealth creation plan.

You see there are two games you have to play in this business.

1. Learn to generate a highly profitable Expert Business that gives you choice, freedom, and cash flow. (This is what I focus on inside Sell From Stage Academy®)

2. Invest the cash flow strategically so that you build an asset base that creates financial freedom and financial security.

It’s this second game that I think most coaches and Experts forget about.

You might say, “I’ll do that later when my business is more profitable” etc.

But you must stop doing that because you don’t need big profits to start this journey.

I know I’ve fallen into that trap many times.

I used to tell myself that “it would be too overwhelming to build Investments at the same time as running my business”.

So I stuck my head in the sand.

But a while ago I reached out to one of my good friends Mel Abraham to ask for his advice on wealth creation as an Expert Business owner.

He gave me a few simple strategies that have enabled me to build wealth….very quickly this year.

And I want the same for you. I want you to start or expand your wealth-building now!

That’s why I interviewed him on the topic of Building Wealth while running an Expert Business on Expert Edge Podcast

My biggest fear for you is that you would build a great Expert Business, but not set yourself up for long-term wealth.

In this episode you’ll discover:

– The easy yet often overlooked habit that is one of the keys to building wealth long time (this habit can take less than five minutes a week and can make you millions)

– How to get past your limiting ‘wealth creation’ beliefs… This was an area that I struggled with a lot and Mel’s advice helped me significantly (and I know it will help you also)

– How to use ‘Launch Leapfrogging’ to grow your wealth quicker than you can believe – this strategy has changed the game for me in less than six months

– You’ll walk away from this session with more confidence and feel ready to build a strong wealth base and create the financial peace you’ve always desired.

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Colin ‘Build Wealth Beyond Your Business’ Boyd

P.S. This episode is the most important one I’ve recorded for your long-term financial peace and freedom. Don’t make the mistake of putting this episode off for later, because later may never come and that could hurt your financial future big time. Listen to the wealth-building podcast

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