Open this if you haven’t finished a course you’ve bought

Do you know this feeling?

You joined a course and didn’t complete it, or implement it.

You know there is absolute gold inside it, but for some reason, you haven’t had time to open it or implement it.

Today I want to fix this problem for good!!!

In fact, there are 3 big problems that stop you from completing and implementing courses that you’re a part of (which I’ll cover closer to the end of this message)

First of all, I want you to know there is nothing wrong with you, or the course you joined.

The problem is how you’re thinking about your time and priorities.

And I couldn’t think of anyone better to help you with this problem than Megan Sumrell.

Not only is she a Time Management Expert to thousands, but she has completed and implemented Sell From Stage Academy® and seen a crazy return on investment from it.

In other words, she really walks her talk.

(And she can only work a few hours a day)

So before you start coming up with all the reasons why your situation is different or harder I want you to take a listen to the practical strategies she lays out in this short interview this week.

>>> Listen to the episode on how to complete and implement a course you joined w/ Megan Sumrell

There are three big problems that stop you from implementing a course…


  1. How you think about time

Your perspective on time and how you treat time will impact how productive you are. You must view time as your most valuable resource and in doing so, you’ll use it more effectively. If you were to view time as your most valuable asset, how would you treat it differently?

  1. Your relationship with boundaries

In the interview, we have a lengthy conversation about how people create healthy boundaries in their life. Boundaries facilitate more space for the most important things. They are one of the secrets to getting through and implementing ideas from courses you’ve joined. If you’ve ever struggled to create boundaries then this episode will help you fix that for good

  1. Your time management practices 

If you’ve already done some mindset work on ‘how you view time’ then the next step is having practical and useful strategies. One of these strategies is effective weekly planning. In the interview this week, Megan lays out for you how to plan your week effectively so that you get the most things done and finish feeling fulfilled.

Imagine how powerful this is going to be when you start learning and implementing the strategies that are inside the courses that you own!

This potentially could be one of the most important podcasts you’ll listen to this whole year as it has the potential to unlock learning and growth like never before.

>>>Enjoy this interview w/ Megan Sumrell on Completing and Implementing a Course you’ve Joined


Colin “Return on Investment” Boyd

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