How to Develop Your Skill Set Faster

Today, we’re going to be talking about how you can add value to your skill set and earn more money doing what you love.

I get the opportunity to talk with managers all over the world, and what I’ve noticed is that a lot of them are busy, right? They’re busy working on projects that maybe their director or the organisation is asking them to do. But a lot of the time, they don’t spend much time developing themselves. When you think about it, what you actually get paid for is not the time that you put in — it’s the value that you bring.

Someone in administration could get paid, $20 or $30 an hour… and someone who is a lawyer could get paid $300 or $400 an hour. So it’s actually the value that you bring that gives you more money.

Jim Rohn, a great philosopher on business and life, said: “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” I think taking some time to focus on developing your skill set, is crucial. But here’s the thing: Don’t take a machine-gun approach and shoot every which way.

You need to be more like a sniper. What I mean by that is you need to hone in on a specific skill set that you want to develop for a period of time. For example, it might be productivity. For a short period of time, let’s say three months (I love a quarter), you actually focus on productivity. What are the books you could read on productivity? Who are the people you could speak to who are really productive? What are the videos you could watch?Choose one skill and focus on that one skill to develop yourself.

I’ve developed what’s called a “1 Skill Worksheet.” It’s a real succinct breakdown of how you can develop this one skill, access that and develop it quickly. Put your email address in the form below the video, I’ll send it to you straightaway. It’s a nice little worksheet that I’ve developed and have been using with my clients for a long time now. It will help you develop your skills fast and get paid more money.

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