My 5 Personal Success Habits [You Might Need]

I want to do something different today.

It’s less business-y, and more personal.

As a coach and course creator, you can spend so much time and energy on the business-y stuff.

You know…the marketing, content creation, social media, etc…

The problem is, that for many of us (including myself).

Our health, energy, and motivation can suffer as a result.

Over the last 12 months, I’ve made some big personal habit changes that have ultimately helped me double my business, improve my energy and uplevel my confidence.

And they have little to do with business actions.

I elaborate on these areas on this week’s episode of the Expert Edge, but I’ll give you a sneak peak below.

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>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 186 | My 5 Personal Success Habits Every Expert Needs

Sneak peak of the5 personal success habits…

1. Protect Your Energy (I go deep into this one on the podcast)

How you feel when it comes to your body, your emotions and your mind are so crucial to how you perform in your business. 2 simple ways I do this is by emphasizing good sleep habits and making sure clients, friends, and acquaintances save the drama for their mama – meaning I avoid toxic drama at all costs!

2. Eliminate or Reduce your Alcohol

About a year and half ago I cut out alcohol and it’s been a massive boost to my energy, clarity & focus. It wasn’t serving me anymore. There’s a book called “This Naked Mind” by my friend Annie Grace that really made this process of eliminating alcohol from my life easy. You may not want to cut out alcohol completely, but reducing its importance in your life can do wonders.

3. Accountability with your Fitness

This should be a core cornerstone of every expert business. This is another big energy booster in both physical and mental energy. One thing I like to do is make sure I have some form of accountability to make sure I exercise. For me, this comes in the form of a personal trainer, but you can use a workout partner of some sort too. Gym memberships work for very few people, you need some sort of accountability system.

4. Pay For Your Friends

I know that sounds weird. But what I mean is, when you join programs that have like-minded people in them, you’ll naturally start to develop friendships within. Minus a few lifelong friends, my best friends are those that I have met within paid programs. I basically pay for my friends, and I’m 100% happy to do so.

5. Build A Great Team Around You

Now this one is business related but it’s a habit that has really led to big growth within my company. As soon as we started bringing in experts in their respective fields, our business grew many times over.

For way more depth and examples of each habit…

Tune into this week’s episode of the Expert Edge.

>>> LISTEN ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS: Episode 186 | My 5 Personal Success Habits Every Expert Needs

>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 186 | My 5 Personal Success Habits Every Expert Needs


Colin Boyd

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