Launch Leaping

Do you know what Launch Leaping is?

(probably not, because I just made up the term 😉

But here is my definition…”It’s the phenomenon that occurs when you go from $10K webinars to running $100K ones.”

Or doing $5K challenges, to running $50K ones.

The gap between where your launches currently are and where you want them to be will require something different from you.

It’s gonna require you to “Launch Leap”.

Launch leaping is the ability to jump to the next level.

There are four big mistakes that stop you from launch leaping…

Let me give you 2 big mistakes right now…

Mistake #1: Not investing in your promotion on the next level

Years ago I used to run a regular webinar every month to my community.

I would put no real effort into promotion.

My team would send a few emails, I would just turn up and deliver.

Almost every time I would make about $5K.

It was fine, but nothing really changed because I wasn’t interested in promoting it.

It wasn’t until I brought on some promotional partners and started really investing in marketing that it went from $5K to $100K+ webinars.

I did a launch leap.

What I’m saying is that if you want to launch a leap, you MUST invest in your promotion to the next level.

If you’ve got an offer that is already proven to convert, it’s time to step up in your promo.

Mistake #2: Not protecting your energy in the launch

When you’re launching, your energy is SOOOO important.

If you get even just one negative comment or email during the launch it can really knock you off the horse.

That’s why it is crucial for you to put things in place to protect your energy and mind.

Because let’s be honest….there are some crazy people out there 😉

And when you’re inviting thousands of people to engage in your content, it’s almost guaranteed that at least one person will get upset or negative.

That’s why I just recommend protecting yourself.

Protect your mind, your energy, and your vibe and everyone will benefit!

Those are 2 of the 5 things I recommend to do if you want to start Launch leaping.

Let’s take your webinars, challenges, and launches from $5K to $100K+.

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Colin “Launch leaper” Boyd

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