Interior Design for the Brain

Brain DesignWhat you tell yourself impacts how you feel.

I think that if we can master our minds, we can win in our worlds. The ability to manage your own thinking is one of the most powerful skills that one can master. When you think about it, if your brain were a room in your house, what would it look like? Would it be messy? Disorganised? Unkempt? Or would it have a sense of clarity and order? Would it be beautiful, something to be appreciated? If we are to design our brains in a way that creates inspired living, I think there needs to be a purposeful decision to be aware of our inner dialogue.

Here are 3 steps to design your thinking?

1. Awareness — You must be aware of what’s going on in your head. A great method for this is carrying a piece of paper around for a day and writing down all of the negative comments that you say to yourself.

2. Meaning — After being aware of what you’re saying to yourself, challenge the meaning that you are creating from your situation. For example, if someone looks at you the wrong way, rather than thinking “They don’t like me,” another meaning could be ‘that they feel uncomfortable.’ Neither of these might be true, but one will serve you better than the other. Practice creating constructive meaning from situations.

3. Repetition — Practicing some motivational mantras that you have consciously designed, will empower your daily living. I would recommend sitting down and creating one to three motivational mantras that are short and succinct that you can say to yourself each day. Brian Tracy was famous for saying to himself: “I like myself.”

It might just telling yourself “I’ve got this thing” or “I can trust myself” when a challenge appears.

Come up with some motivational mantras that have meaning for you and inspire you above your challenges. These three steps won’t solve everything, but for me personally, they have made a huge difference in the quality of my results.


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