Intentional Intention

9896395_xlI’m wondering, do you set an intentional intention?

I believe that overall, people’s intentions are good — whether it be to make a difference in the workplace, improve productivity, or at worst, keep themselves safe.

When heading into a conversation at work I would encourage you to set an intentional intention. Most people have an unintentional intention. This is when you come into a conversation not really sure of what you want from that conversation. Whereas an intentional intention is when you come into the conversation clear on the outcome and knowing where the focus needs to be.

How to set your intention:
Your intention comes down to mostly your focus. One of the biggest mistakes that leaders make when they’re having a conversation with their team, is that they focus too much on themselves. They aren’t clear enough about what they want from the conversation and that they must be focused on the audience.

When we as leaders make our communication about ourselves, we tend to get self-conscious, which undermines our level of confidence. One of the best focuses to have for your intention is to be curious about the other person’s world. Looking into their eyes and actually considering what their concerns, worries and aspirations at work are.

In your next meeting, come into the meeting with an intention to focus on the other person. People will feel it on an subconscious level when you focus on them. It will turn up your curiosity and you will have more probability of reaching a win/win outcome.


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