Increase Productivity By Knowing Less

16062710_mA few of my clients have mentioned to me recently that they feel like they’re getting dumber in their old age. But when we got down to the core of the real issue, we discovered that it wasn’t that they were getting dumber or forgetting things — it was actually that they were trying to remember too much.

In the 21st century, we have extravagantly large amounts of information coming at us at any one moment. Our brain, however, can only process one complex task at a time. So when we are spending our time trying to remember important things to do, while also trying to process and find answers to complex problems, we find ourselves in trouble.

I believe one of the answers to increasing your productivity is to “forget remembering.”

What I mean by that is that we need to forget trying to remember and actually start writing our actions down. Like I mentioned, our brain can handle only one complex task at a time. The part of our brain that processes these tasks is called the pre-frontal cortex. This pre-frontal cortex has very limited attention span also. So if it is using its energy by focusing on trying to remember something, you are using precious resource for a low-level activity.

One of Einstein’s colleagues asked him for his telephone number one day. Einstein reached for a telephone directory and looked it up.

“You don’t remember your own telephone number?” the man asked, startled.

“No,” Einsten answered. “Why should I memorise something I can so easily get from a book?”

As professionals, you will get paid handsomely not for remembering tasks but for tasks application, integration and organisation. Stop trying to remember what you need to get done. To articulate it elegantly, write the stuff down!


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